Owls Pre-school

Owls is our pre-school room for our 3-5 year olds. It is a lovely large inviting room which contains a range of equipment designed to teach children through a multi-sensory approach. Emphasis is placed on the child developing a healthy lifestyle, being independent and taking responsibility for his/her own actions. A qualified teacher is based in this room along with highly experienced and professional staff.

Preparing children for further stages in their learning is keyChildren are closely observed in their play so that their interests can be nurtured and developed. We encourage children to investigate and explore their surroundings and provide activities which enrich this important area of development. We believe that preparing children for further stages in their learning is key: this is encouraged through the use of technology, including computers and digital cameras, and being reflective learners by asking questions and finding out how and why things happen.

We also know that preparation for school is extremely important and ensuring that the transition between settings is made as easy as possible. With this in mind, as a child turns 4, we plan 1:1 time with their key worker to practice key skills such as counting and writing their name. This is all done whilst keeping in mind that each child is an individual and their readiness for such activities. These activities are an ‘add on’ to the already varied and challenging activities planned for each session.

We have close links with local schools. In the term before the child goes to school we welcome teachers to come and visit the children in our setting, where they are more comfortable. There is also transparency between professionals and information is shared sensitively.

All activities reflect the developmental ability of the child and are differentiated to meet all children’s needs. The activities are planned to meet the 6 areas of the EYFS curriculum and a child’s progress is tracked carefully to ensure progress is at an optimum.

At the end of your child’s time with us they will receive their Learning Journey which is a record of their time at Little Owls Nursery and Pre-school.

French Club

Every Wednesday we have a qualified French teacher who takes the pre-school children in small groups to teach them French through games, activities and simple work sheets.

At Little Owls we feel that another language can hugely benefit children’s knowledge and understanding of the world, confidence and self esteem.

Importantly, when children learn multiple languages at a young age, they develop a life-long love of communicating with others.

When young children learn about the structure of other languages, their ability in English is also enhanced.

I am very pleased with Little Owls Day Nursery. My twin boys are very happy there in the Pre-School room – Owls.

Mrs. J. Thompson

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