Information for Existing Parents

Payment and Admin

Fees are due 7 days after the date of invoices.  Invoices can be sent via post or email and are paid one month in advance.

If you wish to set up a standing order to the Nursery please contact the Administration Team on 01245 221 333.

Childcare vouchers
We accept a wide variety of childcare vouchers therefore please speak to us directly regarding this.

What to do if..

We’ve provided some information for you with regards to our policies and the information we need from you in the event of any of the circumstances listed below.

If you can’t find the information you need please contact us by email at or alternatively by telephone on 01245 221 333.

Illness & late collection
If your child is ill please refer to our Sickness Exclusion Policy.

We understand that parents/carers can at times be delayed and would therefore ask that if you expect to be late collecting your child from nursery you contact us as soon as possible.

Financial difficulties
If you are experiencing difficulties in meeting your fees please contact the Administration Team as soon as possible on 01245 221 333.

Feedback or concerns
We always welcome any feedback or queries you may have regarding the care, safety, welfare or education of your child.  Please speak to either Sue Hallett (Nursery Centre Manager), Helen Pasquale (Deputy Manager) or Laura Cooper (Commercial Manager) on 01245 221 333.

Extra sessions / cancelling a place
If you would like to book an extra session for your child please contact one of our Administration Team on 01245 221 333.

Should you wish to cancel your child’s place or make a permanent change to their booking please contact us on 01245 221 333.

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