Dormice & Hedgehogs

Welcome to Dormice (our baby room for our under 1s) and Hedgehogs (for our 1 – 2 year old children). Dormice and Hedgehogs staff are dedicated and passionate about their work; they enjoy getting messy with the children and encourage all children to take part in group dancing, singing and story time.

There is a flexible daily routine within the room and each day we ensure that a creative activity is implemented. This could be anything from colouring and chalking to flour, painting and corn flour play so please ensure that your child has a change of clothes as we do enjoy getting messy!

We encourage group activities with the children to aid the development of their social skills such as singing, stories and circle times.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and using weekly observations we all plan the activities to meet these areas, you will find our plans on display for your information. All children have a record of their achievements where we keep any observations and photographs.

Sleep timeDuring meal times all children sit together at the table, lots of encouragement is given to the children that are starting to feed themselves and those that require it are given help.

After lunch we provide each child with their own bed and clean sheets. The room layout enables us to turn off the lights in one end so that those not sleeping can continue to play in the other end.

Please let us know if your child requires a different sleep pattern as we like to match your routine to aid a smooth transition between home and nursery.

We are always available to discuss any queries/concerns you may have.

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